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Orlando Family Lawyer Guides Clients through Difficult Times

Skillful attorney represents Florida residents in divorces and parenting cases

Problems that affect your marriage or children cannot be avoided. At Matthew L. Cersine P.L. in Orlando, we represent your interests in domestic challenges and safeguard your rights if your marriage ends. In custody cases, disputes over child support and other types of domestic litigation, we are determined to win the best possible outcome based on your specific goals. Attorney Matthew Cersine has more than 10 years of legal experience and uses the knowledge gained through that time to develop effective strategies in a full array of family law matters.

Reputable litigator handles all types of marriage dissolution issues

Dissolving a marriage carries a heavy legal, financial and emotional burden. We understand what’s at stake for your family and future when your marriage ends, so we offer full support with issues such as:

  • Filing — All Florida divorces are granted on a no-fault basis, meaning that irreconcilable differences exist between the spouses. Fault grounds, including traditional types of marital misconduct such as adultery, might be factored into other aspects of the court’s decision. At least one party must have lived within the state for six months or more to file for divorce.
  • Property division — Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that if the parties can’t reach a settlement on dividing marital property, the marital estate is allocated according to what the judge thinks is fair. Our personalized approach to family law cases helps us advocate effectively for an appropriate resolution.
  • Alimony — Florida law uses the term “maintenance” to refer to payments that one former spouse makes to another. Many factors can go into these rulings, including the earning ability and living standard of the parties. The duration of the marital union is essential in determining how long alimony will last.

Fear of the unknown often prevents spouses from taking the first step to end a failing marriage. If you believe that the problems cannot be repaired, we’ll outline the divorce process and guide you through each step.

Effective firm advises on child custody and visitation concerns

Known in Florida as parenting time and parenting responsibility, respectively, physical and legal custody are decided based on what the court determines to be in the child’s best interests. To give everyone the best chance of moving forward positively, our firm attempts to forge mutually acceptable agreements on issues such as visitation and decision-making authority. If that’s not possible, we’ll present a thorough case to the court for an appropriate parenting plan that meets your child’s physical, emotional and educational needs.

Dedicated attorney works to establish appropriate child support terms

When parents break up, Florida law requires that both contribute to the financial needs of the minor children they share. Even if parents were never married, child support obligations are set based on factors including each parent’s income, childcare costs and medical expenses. Courts use a formula to determine support that covers most families’ situations, but complications often arise. We represent clients when disputes occur over the accuracy of information, a refusal to earn income or other issues. If a change in income or some other life event justifies an adjustment in the child support rate, our firm will help to pursue an appropriate modification. We also vigorously litigate enforcement actions when a party fails to make their ordered payment.

Experienced adviser creates prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

A sound, fair prenuptial agreement can provide both parties with financial security should the relationship end in divorce. Our experienced guidance encourages open communication during the process so that couples establish fair terms concerning property division and alimony. Whether you’re looking for a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial document to address changed financial circumstances, we’ll make sure that each side understands what they’re entitled to if the marriage dissolves.

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Matthew L. Cersine P.L. represents Orange County clients in divorces, custody disputes and other family law matters. Please call 407-627-0756 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Orlando office.

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